Student documents
Student documents
You can find a complete overview of the documents that are used in the different Webquests below.
The documents consists of forms and information that we have used.

Plan of ActionStandard Form
Log version 1Plan and process
Log version 2Only process
Group Assessment FormEmpty group assessment form
PresentingKey Points
Powerpoint Tips and TricksTips for Powerpoint
Eleborate Powerpoint Tips and TricksEleborate tips and tricks for PP
CooperationInformation about Cooperation
Work MeetingsInformation about Work Meetings
Budget EstimateTips for a Budget Estimate
InterviewTips conducting an interview
Conducting ResearchFrom the webquest Research
Main and Sub-questions From the webquest Research
More Information about doing Research From the webquest PWS+
Methods of ResearchFrom the webquest PWS+
StatisticsFrom the webquest Research
Writing an ArticleFrom the webquest Research
Writing a ReportHow to write a Report
What is SMART? How to use SMART
Group AssessmentHow to use the Group Assessment Form
Interview with an HBO-studentMethod & Tips
Making a Scenario OTMaking a Scenario from Organisational Talent
Making a Scenario POIMaking a Scenario from Point of Improvement
Plan for ImprovementFrom the webquest Point of Improvementt